I've left a message at the Fair office, when will I hear back?

The Sarpy County Fair does not have full time or part time staff members, it is staffed with volunteers.  Please allow 5-7 business days for follow up when leaving a message

How much does it cost to enter the Sarpy County Fair?

Our fair is free to enter.

How much is parking at the fair?

Parking is free, be mindful of the local resident’s driveways if parking within town.

What type of payment do you accept?

The fair accepts cash and have ATMs on site.  We also accept most major credit cards.  The carnival handles their own ticket and wristband hour process, and is a CASH ONLY carnival.  The food vendors, commercial booths, etc. may offer other forms of payment, we are unable to speak to each vendors payment processes.

What are the hours and cost of the carnival?

Tickets can be sold individually for a dollar a piece, $40 for a book of 48, $20 for a book of 22, or $25 for an unlimited ride wristband (good for one session).
The carnival is open:
– Wednesday: 6pm-11pm
– Thursday: 12pm-11pm
– Friday: 1pm- Midnight
– Saturday: 12pm- Midnight
– Sunday: 1pm-10pm
Wristband sessions:
-Wednesday: 6pm-10pm
-Thursday: 12pm-4pm, 6pm-10pm
-Friday: 1pm-5pm, 6pm-11pm
-Saturday: 12pm-5pm, 6pm-11pm
-Sunday: 1pm-5pm, 6pm-10pm

Do you have a clear bag policy?

The clear bag policy is only for the Saturday night concert.  To ensure the safety of everyone, please read and follow these important guidelines:
– Clear plastic, vinyl or PVC tote bags permitted after search (when applicable).
– Diaper bags must also adhere to these guidelines.
– Small or clutch-sized purses or wallets, not exceeding 4.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches long are permitted.
– One-gallon, clear plastic freezer bags are also acceptable (Ziploc bag or similar).
– No large purses, bags, backpacks or fanny-packs will be allowed inside the arena or stadium.
– Exceptions will be made for bags with medical necessity after appropriate inspection.

Does my child require a ticket to a reserved seating event?

Yes, if your child takes a seat, you must purchase a ticket. 

Does my child require a ticket to a general admission event?

General Admission events vary by event, please see event specific details for ticket requirements. 

Do you sell gift cards to use at the fair?

No, we do not have gift cards for the fair.

What is your rain policy?

The Sarpy County Fair is open in all weather, unless conditions become unsafe. Check Sarpyfair.com or our Facebook page for current announcements. If you choose to visit and the weather becomes bad, no refunds or rain checks are given. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast before purchasing tickets and coming to the fair.

Are there any discount tickets that can be purchased for the carnival?

No, the carnival offers wristband hours during specific timeframes during the fair, and wristbands are purchased day of directly from the carnival ticket window within the Midway.  Cash only purchase.

Do you have a Military discount to your ticketed events?


Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, the lost and found is located at the main north ticket office.  Please stop by the ticketing window when looking for a lost item or call the fair office at 402-253-2453. 

Can I bring my pet to the fair?

No, pets are not allowed on the fair grounds. We are animal lovers ourselves but for the safety of your pet and the safety of other guests they will not be allowed to enter.  We make an exception for service dogs. If you are traveling from out of town there are places in Omaha that will board pets for the day.

Do you have real restrooms?

Yes, the flush toilet restrooms are located throughout the fairgrounds. There are also Port-A-John’s located throughout the fairgrounds. 

Do you rent strollers or scooters?

No, we do not, sorry!


Do you rent wheelchairs?

No, we do not have wheelchairs for rent. There are several pharmacies in Omaha, such as Kohl’s, that rent wheelchairs.

Is the fairgrounds wheelchair accessible?

Many of the pathways are now wheelchair accessible. We also have wheelchair accessible seating in our Motor Sports Complex and Rodeo Arena.  Wheelchair accessible tickets must be purchased in person at the fair ticket office during staffed hours. 

What is your professional photographer policy?

Thank you for your interest in capturing the excitement of the Sarpy County Fair through photography.  We welcome volunteer professional photographers to the fairgrounds during public opening hours.  To ensure a positive experience for all attendees, we kindly request that you adhere to the following policies:  
  • Please focus on capturing generic fair scenes and activities as we do not have photo releases from attendees.
  • If you wish to take specific fair event photos, you will need to purchase a ticket to the event and take them from the stands.
  • We encourage you to share your photos with the Sarpy County Fair community and you may submit them for us to use on our social media platforms or in other promotional materials.  Please send your photos to [email protected] or mail a flash drive to the fair office.
By photographing at the Sarpy County Fair you agree to abide by these guidelines and grant the Sarpy County Fair permission to use your photos for promotional purposes.

Can I bring in my own food?

Yes, you may bring food in to the Sarpy County Fair.  We also have many places on the fairgrounds to buy meals and snacks. We do not allow the consumption of alcohol on the fairgrounds unless in designated area.

Do you allow alcohol?

We only allow alcohol purchased in our beer garden or from the fair concession stands under the bleachers during open hours, during ticketed events in the Motor Sports Complex. Guests can not bring their own alcohol onto the fairgrounds.

Can I bring my daycare children to the fair?

Yes, we love to see children enjoying the Sarpy County Fair.  The many buildings, the grounds, the midway, many daily attractions, are all free.  The children can bring a sack lunch and make it a full day field trip. 

First Aide on site?

EMTs are onsite to provide care for medical situations, they are located near the First Aide Station near the Livestock Pavilion.

Consent To Use of Images or Likeness?

Entry to the Sarpy County Fairgrounds constitutes consent and permission to use all entrant’s likeness or image at any time in future photographs, videos, social media, or any other promotional materials associated with the Sarpy County Fair. 

Can I pet the 4-H animals?

Please ask before petting any animals.

Who can enter items into Open Class?

Only residents of Sarpy County may enter exhibits in Open Class, which is made up of static exhibits.

Who do I contact if I’d like to volunteer at the fair?

Please send an email to [email protected], expressing your interest to volunteer at the fair.

Do you allow RV Camping at the Fairgrounds?

We do not offer onsite, RV, fifth wheel or camping.  We encourage you to check out Louisville Lakes, KOA Gretna and Walnut Creek, all nearby options.