Sarpy County Agricultural Society Rental Rate and Policy

Rental fee: $1,000.00
Deposit: $200.00 
($100.00 clean-up and $100.00 building damage)

The 4H building includes: Kitchen, Restrooms, Heating and Cooling, 50 tables and 200 chairs. 

Certificate of insurance evidencing General Liability Insurance with a $1,000,000 each occurrence limit is required and the the Sarpy County Agricultural Society must be named as an additional insured.

4-H building - rental

Rental Policy

  • All deposit checks will be deposited up receipt.
  • Lease must be signed and deposit made before booking of date.
  • Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to booking date or deposit shall be forfeited.
  • All deposited checks will be reissued at the next fair board meeting and once the rental has been inspected by a board member or the grounds rental manager.
  • Rentals begin at 10:00 AM the day of rental and are done at 8:00 AM the next day.
  • For a fee of $50.00 per day a lessee is able to access the 4-H Building for set up purposes if it is cleared with the property manager, no earlier than 14 days prior to rental date.
  • Any reduction or rent, deposit or insurance must be approved by majority vote of the board of directors.
  • Groups or individuals wishing to request a reduction of rates must represent themselves at a regular monthly meeting.
  • The reduction of rental rates will not be less than 50% of regular rental rates.
  • Lessee shall be responsible for his or her own security.
  • Security is required if alcohol is being served.
  • Security officers must be hired through the Sarpy County Sheriff’s office.
  • Off-duty deputies will be the only accepted security unless prior approval by majority votes of the board of directors.
  • Property manager will provide contact person to hire security.
  • The Sarpy County Agricultural Society board of directors reserves the right to deny any lease that it deems to be harmful to the Sarpy County Fair, the premises of the City of Springfield, Nebraska.
  • All rentals must comply with City of Springfield ordinances. Check with City Clerk for ordinance.
  • No rentals two weeks prior to the Sarpy County Fair.
  • For insurance questions, please contact [email protected]

To reserve your spot or for any questions/concerns on rentals, please contact the Fair Office: 402.253.2453 or email [email protected]